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Trust Deed Investments Remain Volatile, Yet Profitable


Los Angeles, CA – The secured loans issued to real estate speculators, often referred to as Trust Deed Investments, continue to draw capital investors in the greater Los Angeles area.  Lured by high returns, investors are funding transactions in seemingly all markets.  The industrial, commercial, and residential marketplaces are taking full advantage of this boost, though the volatility can be unsettling for capital investors without the proper details of the transaction.

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Because these secured transactions are generating such high returns, inquiries regarding HOW to invest in such endeavors are at an all-time high.  This has led to more questions being asked of borrowers, as investment houses and private capital investors continue to search for better ways to qualify borrowers.  While the lending criterion associated with trust deed investing remains some of the softest in the real estate marketplace, the protection of capital remains paramount for those who have it.

Many lending houses are asking deeper questions about a borrower’s intentions with the property.  This includes, but is not limited to, deeper exploration into the debt associated with the property, as well as a comprehensive review of the borrower’s history.  All of these efforts are centered on protecting investment capital and ensuring that borrowers are not putting themselves in a position to lose the property to the lenders.

Increase in Opportunity

As more and more large banks seek out ways to unload properties that they currently have in foreclosure, the demand for secondary market lending continues to increase.  These opportunities are sought out by market savvy real estate investors, despite a lack of liquid capital.  By putting the visionary and the capital tenants together, the industry continues to flourish despite the volatile nature of the real estate marketplace.

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