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Stated Income Loans Are Back!


Stated Income Loans are Back!

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Stated Income Loans are making a comeback as mortgage lenders are seeking new clients. Once commonly referred to as the “liars loans”, these new and improved stated income loans are being called such things as “alternative documentation loans,” “portfolio programs,” “alternative-income verification loans” and “asset-based loans.” With a stated income loan, the lender agrees to not go through the process of verifying the income the borrower states on the application.

Stated Income loans are designed for prospective home buyers with the income and credit to support a mortgage, but lack the requirements needed to meet the traditional underwriting standards (referred to as full documentation or “full doc”).  Common candidates for these loans include small business owners and those whose current income is not reflected on prior income statements.

Our Stated income loans in California started in 2010 and just got better in 2014. We can now channel Millions of dollars to real estate buyers across the state of California. Our program doesn’t require any income documentation and no credit check. All you need to do is make sure you have equity in your property and we will take it from there. Contact our specialist at HML Investments to get started on your Stated Income Loan application today!



Stated income loans 2014, stated income loan


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