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Private Money Loan Broker


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Private Money Loan Broker

If you are looking to obtain a mortgage loan from a bank in today’s economic climate, chances are you will run into some obstacles. If you have less than perfect credit, and lack the required documentation with regards to income, acquiring a conventional conforming loan form an institutional bank will not be possible. For those people who lack the sterling reputation or income documentation required by banks, the private money loan broker is available in the mortgage market to provide non conforming loans.

In today’s mortgage market, the private money loan broker offers alternative financing products to assist in funding real estate deals for people looking for non conforming loans. Some examples of these non conforming loans include hard money loans, stated income loans, and bridge loans. While these loans might not carry the lower interest rates of conventional loans, they can be a viable option for borrowers and investors. The non conforming loans often require less documentation relative to conforming loans, making the length for the loan to close substantially less than conventional loans.

For borrowers unable to get a mortgage from a bank, or investors interested in gaining a competitive edge, the private money loan broker offers loan programs which offer the flexibility and efficacy needed to close a deal. If you lack income documentation and need a loan, stated income loans allow the borrower to simply state their income without that income being verified. In addition, if you are an investor who needs to close a deal quick, a bridge loan can help you close a deal fast while you look for long term financing under more favorable terms. Furthermore, if you need a loan but you only have equity, a home equity loan can help you to achieve your financial goals by borrowing against the equity you already have in your home.

To get in touch with a private money loan broker, contact the specialists at HML Investments today for more information.

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