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Job market in Studio City


It is obvious that the unemployment rate across the Nation is at record breaking highs over the last couple years, and that it is a little bit harder to find work than it used to be. I have a friend of mine who has been out of work for over a year, and was actively looking the entire time. She is no dummy and has plenty of experience to land something above entry level. She was unsuccessful in her attempt at finding work, and had to resort to starting her own business.

This got me to thinking. Is everyone who is unemployed having this same problem? It seems to me that in such a busy city, such as that of Studio City it wouldn’t be hard to find a job since it seems to be primarily a place of business. I started to wonder if it was just simply laziness or being picky that was causing so many people to still be out of work. I just can’t imagine someone looking every day for a year, and not being able to find something to put food on the table. I know that everyone wants to have a job doing something they love, but in tough times like this, there is no time to be picky. I decided to do a little research as to what the high demand job positions in Studio City and this is what I found.

It turns out; there is not a drought on the job front in Studio City. According to www.simplyhired.com, even big companies like Time Warner and IBM are hot on the job market. And I am certain that within these companies, they have a wide selection of jobs available and offer full training if you are not all that experienced in what they are offering. Larger companies seem to be the way to go in an economy like we are experiencing today. They usually offer benefits and other bonuses that can help you along the way.

Amongst those jobs were smaller companies looking for front desk positions to fill, office managers and dental assistants.

Granted, none of these listings offer the pay wages for the positions. Which again makes me wonder if more people are turning away from jobs because they aren’t paying enough. Someone with a lot of experience in a position may not be considered simply because the employer cannot afford to pay them what they are “worth”.

I think this is the case with people who are already employed too, looking to advance or get a pay increase. I recently had a friend who worked at her entry level position for well over a year. She holds a real estate license, and was simply working a 9-5 just to put food on the table and get the bills paid. It concerned her when it hit her 15th month with the company and she still hadn’t seen a pay increase. When she approached the owner, he informed her he could not grant her pay raise, because the economy was just not in the right place. She had to make the decision to leave, because she couldn’t live off of what they were paying her anymore.

If you are in the market for a new job, choose wisely, but make sure youre not being too picky. Now really is not the time.

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