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Investing in a Foreclosure


With the current economic downfall, foreclosures are flooding the Real Estate Market. Not a good thing for homeowners, but leaves excellent opportunities for investors. If you are an investor looking to build equity, the purchase of a foreclosure would work wonders for you, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. We have provided some tips on how to purchase a Foreclosure before diving into the foreclosure pool.


When purchasing a foreclosure, you are usually going to pay 40 to 60 percent less the market value of the home. If you really do the foot work and find the right property, you can save a ton of money on your purchase in the end. If you are new to the investment world, there are a few things you need to know before taking the plunge. If you’re looking fixer to repair and flip, now is not the time. However, if you’re in a position to buy and hold, and rent your property or sit on it until the real estate recession turns around, the market the perfect time for you to invest. You always want to go into an investment with long term goals and ideas. You have to spend your money wisely, and make sure you can afford a mortgage even if you cant get it rented, or if you become unemployed.


A low real estate market, shows an investor who does it smart, a excellent long term outcome. If you go into it with all the knowledge you need, you could profit big in the long run.


It can be very tricky to negotiate the sale of a foreclosure. And without extensive research, you can find yourself in trouble. You may end up purchasing something with liens on it, and in turn that becomes your responsibility because you are now the homeowner of the said property. Make sure this is information that is provided to you before you even consider writing an offer. In order to insure that you are not making the wrong purchase, it is always a good idea to hire a contractor to come in and take an extensive look at the property before you sign anything. Also speaking with a Realtor, about what the current market rates are, as well as what areas have a high rent ratio. The Realtor may suggest not purchasing anything unless it is at a 30 percent discounted rate, because you have to consider how much repairs on the home are going to run you. That may hurt your profit in the end.


Now you may be thinking that you don’t want to profit from someone else’s misfortune, but your purchase of the foreclosure is reducing the amount of homes that are available on the market, thus helping to stabilize the current real estate market, in turn stimulating the economy.


Do all your homework before purchasing that great investment. Talk with your Real Estate Agent today, and if you currently have your eye on something have them help you every step of the way, to ensure the best investment for your future.

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