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Increasing the value of your Home


Are you thinking of selling your home? As homeowners we always think that we can get gold for our homes once we sell them. Then the Real Estate agent comes in and tells us different. Before placing your home on the market, you should be aware that there are many ways to increase the current value of your home, for very little money and not a lot of hard labor like that of a full remodel, ensuring that you will get the most for your precious home.

You can start with simple things such as, tidy up your yard. Get rid of trash and clutter in the yard. Clean up all debrise, and keep your lawn in good condition and mow it. Even the fine lttle details should be attended to, such as using a weed whacker to get in the tight corners and along the edges of sidewalks and the house. Trim the hedges, get rid of weeds, and mulch the flower beds. If your yard is smaller than normal, you can simply plant some flowers or install some landscaping appropriate for your home and climate.

Clutter in the home and mess can be a big turn off to potential buyers. You want to make sure to get rid of clutter and unnecessary mess around the house and get it as organized as possible. A nice, tidy house will seem larger and more elegant.

Instead of painting walls, you can always clean and wash them. It’s a lot cheaper to wash walls or siding than to repaint or replace siding, and many times a good cleaning will make your home’s finishes look good as new. Pressure-wash your home’s exterior, and wash interior walls. If painting is absolutely necessary, you can do it yourself relatively cheaply on interior walls

Over time, the sun fades the colors from your blinds and curtains, so new ones will make a better impression than old ones. Blinds and curtains are relativly inexpensive and putting up new ones will help the sale of the home.

Cleaning the carpet will make them look like new, giving the home a fresh, clean feeling. You can clean the carpets yourself by renting a steamer and claening the whole house for just the price of the machine, rahter then labor also.

Installing newer switches throughout the home can also give it a very modern feel. New style switches can be easily installed using the wires already running to the old switches. New outlets look nice, and give the impression that the electrical wiring in the house is newer than it really is. Dimmer switches are especially desirable,

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is something to make the home look less outdate. Outdated or worn cabinets can bring the whole kitchen down, but refinishing them is relatively cheap and easy to do. If you have a dark or small kitchen, make it look larger and brighter by using a lighter finish on the cabinets.

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