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Commercial Private Money Lender


Commercial Hard Money Loans, Hard Money Commercial Loans

Commercial Private Money Lenders

With all the talk about commercial real estate development these days, its important to know what fuels the development. The answer is financing. Today’s commercial real estate investors and developers rely largely on financing from conventional lenders (banks) and private lenders (commercial private money lenders). All too often, investors find it daunting when applying for a conventional mortgage loan from a bank, finding the process to be wrought with obstacles prior to closing. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that private capital is readily available is worth its weight in gold for some investors.

Although private money tends to carry higher interest rates compared to traditional bank financing, an investors’ top priority is completing the acquisition successfully, particularly when a lot of due diligence and money is on the table. Using private money to acquire real estate is an invaluable tool that any savvy investor will utilize. Private money loans, also called “hard money loans,” can be administered in conjunction with bank loans in the real estate acquisition process.

Hard money lenders offer the ease, speed, and flexibility that most investors find difficult to find in conventional lending options. When used correctly and responsibly, private loans such as hard money loans can give investors the much needed competitive advantage over the rest in commercial real estate.

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Commercial Hard Money Loans


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