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Commercial Hard Money Loans


Commercial Hard Money Loans, Hard Money Commercial Loans

Commercial Hard Money Loans

If you own a commercial property and you are losing money, or if your credit is poor, you still have the ability to easily acquire a commercial loan from a hard money lender in the form a commercial hard money loan. If you are looking to take advantage of a commercial real estate investment opportunity, timing is vital, and commercial hard money loans help to expedite the closing process.

Who are commercial hard money lenders?

Commercial hard money lenders are the ones that make the riskier loans that commercial banks steer away from. Hard Money Lenders normally don’t make decisions based on credit, but they do based on equity and income. Usually these loans cost (percentage-wise) much more then an average mortgage, often times up to twice what a regular mortgage does, plus high origination fee.

Benefits of Commercial Hard Money Loans

Developer, flippers, and long term investors are interested in getting a return on their money. Commercial businesses that are having difficulties meeting their financial obligations, yet hold the potential for long term profitability, are also interested in getting a return on their investment. The common thread is that they need the ability to close a deal on a loan and earn a return on it. Hard Money will provide them the opportunity and the money they need to purchase/refinance their real estate within days without looking at their tax returns or credit. These individuals or small businesses having trouble receiving conventional commercial loans will have the opportunity to make an investment in real estate, avoiding riskier investments such as stock markets and commodities.

Who to contact for a commercial hard money loan?

HML Investments specializes in hard money loans. We lend money in California and Nevada only. These states are close to one another and it’s easier for us to travel to look at the properties. We do inspect all properties before lending any money! Contact us today to speak with a specialist for further information.

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