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Commercial Hard Money Lending and the Industry-Wide GREEN Movement


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With so much turmoil and distress continuing to linger in the real estate marketplace, it comes as no surprise that hard money commercial loans continue to “grease the wheels” for many prospective property buyers.  Often times, the mortgagee is simply trying to move the property quickly, providing the perfect opportunity for those with enough capital to pounce through use of one’s own liquid capital or a hard money loan alternative.

This is nothing new, as the marketplace has been mired in volatile conditions for the better part of a decade.  What is interesting, however, is the continued emergence of these unique lending situations, opening the door to profitability on both the lending and borrowing sides.

Lenders, a group that includes banks that currently hold the deed on distressed properties and capital investors with enough capital to finance buying opportunities, continue to push commercial real estate forward with their often lenient borrowing criteria.  Because the properties are held as collateral, risk is lessened despite the volatile nature of the purchasing climate.

With loan-to-value (LTV) ratios hovering between 60 and 70 percent, commercial hard money has helped to elevate the opportunities for buyers who may not have been able to capitalize on the surging market otherwise.  Why put your OWN home up as collateral, when you can put the property being purchased up instead?  It’s a win-win situation that continues to gain traction in the industry.

Commercial Hard Money Lenders Going Green?

“Going Green” isn’t necessarily a phrase that you’d expect to hear in the real estate industry, but it would appear that many lending agencies are turning their attention to establishing “paperless” transactions.  From online applications to digital processing, the sharing of necessary information is much easier today than it was, say, 30 years ago.

And, while these agencies are managing to reduce waste and spare countless trees along the way, the lenders are enjoying higher amounts of capital to work with and prospective borrowers are learning that the already expedited processing times are humming along at an even faster clip!

What do faster processing times mean for a potential buyer?

Because distressed commercial properties are being dangled in front of a variety of potential investors, acting quickly once an opportunity arises is absolutely critical.  In some cases, a few hours can be the difference between getting a fantastic deal on a prime location or losing out to another buyer who was able to push the process along just a BIT faster.  In real estate, time is money, and in this case, “green” lenders are giving their prospective buyers an incredible advantage.

Now, this isn’t to say that hard money lenders don’t understand the time-sensitive nature of the industry.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite!  But, the advantages presented through the “green movement” are giving firms and buyers the extra day or so necessary to pull the proverbial trigger on a property.

Now that we’ve gotten the “what is it to me?” portion of the hard money green movement out of the way, let’s also remember that these companies are doing their part to help reduce the amount of paper currently being used in the industry.

Security Concerns?  Not So Fast…

The biggest concern with digital documents, and for our purposes here, the green movement in real estate, is the sensitive information often being shared between a prospective borrower and the lending agency.  Fortunately, cyber security technology is progressing at a break-neck pace, helping to protect all of our pertinent information.  In other words, don’t fear the green revolution in real estate – embrace it!

Accessing the necessary capital to take advantage of a great commercial property deal is PRIORITY 1 for buyers.  As we mentioned previously, some in the market for commercial locations have capital at their fingertips, either of their own means or through a financial benefactor.  However, for most trying to capitalize on the incredible pricing found in markets across the country today, getting in touch with hard money lending firms is often the first step towards turning a nice profit on a “flip”.

With a bit of research and the right property in mind, anyone can pounce on a great commercial location and have the property closed in a matter of days.  But, when you’re searching for a lender, don’t forget to check if they’re GREEN!!

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