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Commercial Bridge Loans


Commercial Hard Money Loans, Hard Money Commercial Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial bridge loans for multi family properties are available from HML Investments. HML provides bridge loans for apartment buildings and other multifamily property types for the acquisition, rehab or repositioning of properties that do not operate at stabilized levels in order to be eligible for permanent financing. Some of the property types eligible for HML’s multifamily bridge loan program include student housing, apartment buildings, affordable housing, senior housing, and multifamily mixed use properties.

A bridge loan is simply a short-term loan that “bridges” over the time between when you buy the asset and when you are able to acquire long term financing. Traditionally, investors have turned to institutional banks or to lines of credit for bridge financing.  After the banking crisis and credit crunch, banks pulled back limits for the lines of credit that many investors used as bridges. Those limits have still not come back to the levels that were common before the crunch even though today’s buying opportunities are much more compelling.

If you want to get deals done and take advantage of today’s excellent property pricing, you either need extremely deep pockets or a way to take out a bridge loan. Given the availability of hard money in the market and the unique execution benefits that they bring, you should consider having one or two reputable lenders in your resource portfolio to take advantage of this unprecedented buying opportunity. Luckily, HML Investments has a large portfolio of investors ready to fund your next real estate venture.

For more information about commercial bridge loans and other private loans, contact the specialists at HML Investments today to get started on your loan application.

Commercial Hard Money Loans

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