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California and the Commercial Hard Money Loan Market


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California and The Commercial Hard Money Loan Market

California has distinctive characteristics that make it an attractive market for real estate investments. Suppliers of mortgage money from domestic and foreign investors identify California as attractive for the following reasons; there is a high demand for mortgage money. Thanks to a large, and rapidly growing population, the number of individuals and investors looking to enter the real estate investment market is growing exponentially. In addition, California boasts a traditionally wide diversification of the real estate industry making for large depository institutions holding facilities and branches in California. Furthermore, California maintains a large community of experienced and highly efficient mortgage loan correspondents including mortgage lenders and brokers.

The California market consists of licensed mortgage brokers who are responsible for packaging mortgages for funding by authorized lenders for the subsequent sale to investors in the secondary market. These licensed mortgage brokers offer a wide range of products, one of which that is gaining a lot of attention are hard money commercial loans. These loans are made by hard money commercial lenders borrowers who are unable to obtain credit elsewhere. Although this is typically the reason behind hard money lending, investors in California properties factor in the time value of the processing time it takes to close a loan agreement. Being that commercial hard money loans are closed within a much shorter time period compared to conventional loans, investors have the advantage of entering the market sooner than those borrowers seeking conventional loans in the secondary market.

How to Find Out More Information Regarding California Commercial Hard Money Loans

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