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100% Hard Money Loans- No Down payment Needed


100% Hard Money Loans-No down payment Hard Money!

Hard Money Lenders- apply-now

Now you have a chance to qualify for a 100% LTV Hard money loan. No down payment required by HML Investments!

Here are the Terms to qualify:

  • Property must be located in Los Angeles county CA
  • Property must have at least 20% equity in it. ¬†Example: Property value: $100,000 & Purchase price is: $80,000.
  • Purchase price can not exceed $1,500,000
  • Borrower pays all closing costs
  • Borrower must have exit strategy
  • Term is for 12 months or 24 months
  • 6 months prepay required
  • Interest Rate is 15%
  • Your cost to get this loan upfront- 5 points
  • HML investments will order there own Appraisal- We don’t accept any other appraisal from Brokers.

This program is very unique and not being offered by any other Hard Money Lender out there at this time. The process is very simple: You(the borrower) come with the deal and the vision for what you planing to do with this deal and we will help you to make money flipping or holding the property.
We will open escrow and title and send our own appraiser to confirm value of the property. HML investments name will be on the deed as the purchaser of the property(the reason we are doing it this way is because we put all the money for the project and trying to avoid foreclosure process with a borrower that is not invested any money in the project).
Before we closed escrow, we will draft a lease option agreement(BY LAW– Lease option agreement BINDS the owner of the property to sell at agreed upon price). You will not have ownership of the property and the opportunity to sell or refinance/REpurchase in order to make your profit.

This is a very creative program and HML Investments have done over 50 transactions like that. Our attorneys are experienced in this type of transaction and understand the concept.
YOU MAY HIRE YOUR OWN ATTORNEY to make sure all the paperwork will benefit you in the transaction.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us today: 818-308-4443




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